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This area is dedicated to making resources available to you as well as moving past announcements for easy retrieval. 

Outcome Training:   Outcomes Training.pdf

Online Documentation Training: 

Smart Guidelines for Online Doc.pdf

Therapist SMART Training.pdf

Rehab Director SMART Documentation Training.pdf

Continuing Education Handouts:

4-17-12 Med A Part I.pdf

04-19-12 Med A Part II.pdf

Billing Resources:

End of month procedure:  EOM Procedure for Smart 3-12.pdf

Billing Responsibility Chart: 

Patient Care Policies:

Scheduling:  Scheduling Procedure.pdf

Website Resources:

American Physical Therapy Association:

American Occupational Therapy Association:

American Speech Language Hearing Association:

Regulatory Guidance: 

National Government Services LCD for PT & OT: 

National Government Services LCD for SLP:  SLP New LCD.pdf

National Government Services LCD for Dysphagia:  NGS Dysphagia.pdf

Medicare A Section O Completion Instructions:  Section O.pdf

ACE Programs: 

Adaptive Dining:  Adaptive Dining.pdf

Communication Management:  Communication Management Program.pdf

Contracture Management and Positioning:  Positioning.pdf

Dysphagia Management:  Dysphagia Management.pdf

Falls and Balance:  Fall Prevention and Balance Training.pdf

Incontinence Management:  Incontinence Management Program.pdf

Pain Management:  Pain Management Program.pdf

Self Care Management:  Self Care Management Program.pdf

Wound Management:  Wound Program.pdf

Rehab Director Resources:

Operational Expectations for Rehab Directors:  Guide for Operations Management.pdf

Rehab Director Report Instructions:  Rehab Director Report Instructions.pdf  

OT Toolkit:

Table of Contents:  OT Toolkit - Table to Contents.pdf

Basic ADLs:  Basic ADLs.pdf

IADLs: IADLs.pdf

Alpha by Dx Thru MS: Alpha by Dx thru MS.pdf

Alpha by Dx Part II:  Alpha by DX Part II.pdf

Bathing, Showering & Dressing:  Bathing-Showering and Dressing.pdf

Dressing L&R Side Affected: Dressing-L and R side affected.pdf

Feeding Communication & Functional Mobility:  Feeding-Communication and Functional Mobility.pdf

Grooming, Toileting, Health, Meal Prep, & Meds:  Grooming-Toiletry-Health-Meal Prep-Meds.pdf

Educational Handouts (pgs 242-296):  Educational Handouts pgs 242-296.pdf

Educational Handouts (pgs 297-352):  Educational Handouts pgs 297-352.pdf

Educational Handouts (pgs 353-410):  Educational Handouts pgs 353-410.pdf

Educational Handouts (pgs 411-449):  Educational Handouts pgs 411-449.pdf

Educational Handouts (pgs 450-487):  Educational Handouts pgs 450-487.pdf

References:  References.pdf

Rice Facility Consent Forms:

Ellsworth: Ellsworth Care Center Consent Jan 2012.pdf

Hamilton: Hamilton Care Center Consent Jan 2012.pdf

Kewaunee:  Kewaunee Care Center Consent Jan 2012.pdf

Lancaster:  Lancaster Care Center Consent Jan 2012.pdf

Marshfield:  Marshfield Care Center Consent jan 2012.pdf

Menominee: Menominee Care Center Consent Jan 2012.pdf

Mineral Point:  Mineral Point Care Center Consent Jan 2012.pdf

Parkside:  Parkside Care Center Consent Jan 2012.pdf

St. Dominic: St. Dominic Consent Jan 2012.pdf

Stevens Point:  Stevens Point Consent Jan 2012.pdf

Williams Bay:  Williams Bay Care Center Consent Jan 2012.pdf